Wireless Ultrasound Probe - D8 Series

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Minimum Order Quanity: 01

Delivery Time :48 Hours

Delivery Cost: Free within Pakistan

Contact  : +923214435273

D8 Series
D8 Series
Wireless Ultrasound Scanners

Amazing Advantages Over Competitors

  • Battery - More than 6 hours. D8 Series have longest battery backup.
  • Double Connect Method - It can be attached with wi-fi and USB Cable as well
  • Detachable Scanheads - Only Series of Wireless Probes with detachable scanheads. Which give more high range of applications in one probe.
  • 3 Plateforms - Only Probe Series which is compatible to Android, Apple and Windows systems.
  • ... Range - Available in both B&W only and Color Doppler Systems

Main Features


  • B, M, Color, Power, PW image mode
  • Display Size of your own Choice
  • Highly precise and professional Imaging
  • Variety of Image adjustment parameters
  • Different type of Image Presets
  • Complete Measurement Packages
  • clinical application of Ultrasound-guided puncture
  • Super Smart Portability
  • Detachable Scanheads
  • saving image data and patient information
  • Connect able to Smart phones, Ipads and computers
  • CE and FDA Approved


Abdominal, Cardiac Adult, Cardiac Pediatric, Fetal/Obstetric, Gynecological, Musculo-Skeletal (Conventional), Musculo-Skeletal (Superficial), Pediatric Peripheral Vessel, Procedural Guidance, Nerve Block, Needle Guidance, Small Organ, Urology, Interventional, Veterinary


These Probes come with a 2 year warranty covering parts and labor. We replace (not repair) probes under warranty. This way, our clients are not left waiting for parts or repairs.

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