Z3 - USB Probes

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Z3 - USB Probes


Youkey world ‘s best manufacturer introducing Z3 series of USB ultrasound probes.

  • Z3 USB ultrasound probes incomparable in Imaging ,features and price
  • Multiple frequency of all USb Ultrasound probes
  • Exceptional imaging and excellent feature
  • PW Color Doppler
  • B ,B/B, , B/M, C, P , PW,THI
  • Weight 150gm
  • Plug and play with App.
  • Workable with Tablet, Smart Phone or Laptop( iOS, Android and Windows)
  • High cost-effective
  • Wireless connectivity, easy to operate
  • Small and light , easy to carry
  • Applicable in emergency, clinic, outdoor and Human and vet inspection
  • Intelligent terminal platform, powerful expansion functions on application, storage, communication,


  • Minimum the need to move patients
  • Cut down on distance covered
  • Save valuable time
  • East to transport to difficult locations
  • Greatly improved immediate diagnosis
  • Can connect operating system (IOS, Window, Android )

Applicable Clinic

  • Anesthesia, pain, ICU, urology, nephrology, cardiology, rehabilitation,

orthopedics, gynecology, reproductive, obstetrics, neonatology, pneumology, gastroenterology, hepatological surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, thyroid surgery, skull surgery, neurology, transplantation, ophthalmology, dermatology, emergency, nursing, inpatient, physical examination, and ER ambulance, primary care, family planning centers, family medicine, home care, nursing home, prisons, plastic surgery, small needle knife/acupuncture treatment clinic, sports medicine, battle field ambulance, disaster ambulance, etc.

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