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Ultrasound Machine Price in Pakistan

"ultrasound Pakistan"
Sonotech medical equipment and ultrasound machines supplier

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Wireless & Usb Ultrasound Probes

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Wireless Ultrasound Probes

Used & refurbished Color Doppler

Sonotech is the right partner to supply used and top quality refurbished ultrasound machines. We carry the largest stock from Japan, UK & USA of medical equipment. As partner of major manufactures TOSHIBA, ALOKA, HITTACHI, GE, MINDRAY Etc. As ultrasound specialist, we offer a wide variety of used & refurbished Color Doppler for application Cardiac, OB/Gyn, Vascular, Radiology Etc. We Sonotech providing you check warranty & after sales services to value your money.

Ultrasound Scanners
"Ultrasound Pakistan"
D8 Series
Wireless Ultrasound Scanners

Amazing Wireless Ultrsonography

  • Battery - More than 6 hours. D8 Series have longest battery backup.
  • Double Connect Method - It can be attached with wi-fi and USB Cable as well
  • Detachable Scanheads - Only Series of Wireless Probes with detachable scanheads. Which give more high range of applications in one probe.
  • 3 Plateforms - Only Probe Series which is compatible to Android, Apple and Windows systems. Click to See this ultrasound machine price in Pakistan

Ultrasound Machine Price in Pakistan

Color Dopplers

Hot Offers - Lowest Prices in its Range