IuStar 300d - Digital Color Doppler with 4D

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  • uMatrixTM beam-forming for fast frame rate and exceptional color sensitivity
  • New generation HD transducer
  • 19” large display and slim 11” touch panel
  • Integrated Gel Warmer and dedicated endocavity probe holder
  • UniFlow (Highly sensitive Doppler technology)
  • GPU based UniLiveTM HD 4D Technology
  • Tomography Imaging
  • Depth View
  • Automated OB calculation
  • Automated follicle count and volume calculation
  • Specialized breast screening program
  • Chip-based CW Doppler
  • Comprehensive cardiovascular measurement and calculation package
  • Auto IMT
  • UniNeedleTM
  • B-line automated quantification
  • Fully raw data and post processing capability
  • Customized touch panel menu
  • Triplex and Doppler auto calculation
  • Wifi printer connection supported
  • Wireless PC keyboard for comfort and flexible operation
  • UniTutor

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