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Veterinary Ultrasound in Pakistan '

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"Veterinary Ultrasounds"

Ultrasonography is the second most commonly used imaging format in veterinary practice. It uses ultrasonic sound waves in the frequency range of 1.5–15 megahertz (MHz) to create images of body structures based on the pattern of echoes reflected from the tissues and organs being imaged.

Nyro 10v is the best veterinary ultrasound scanners in Pakistan which is being used by hundreds of veterinary doctors in Pakistan. Nyro 10v has large lcd and battery. Its weight is only 3.5kg

Best Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner in Pakistan


"Nyro 10 - Veterinary Ultrasound"
Veterinary Ultrasound - Novadex Nyro 10




  • 2 inch high resolution color LED display;
  • High-speed USB port;
  • AC and DC power supply mode, with power adapter;
  • With high-capacity lithium battery;
  • 8-segment TGC control, overall GAIN control;
  • Digital encoder regulations;
  • Chinese-English transformation;
  • Anti-dazzle Radium carved buttons;
  • Convenient and practical clinical measurement software;

Image with angle view

  • Kinds of broadband or variable frequency probes to be chosen;
  • Probe automatic identification, random plug;

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging: 440*250*350mm
  • Host weight: about 3.5 kg.

FAQ about Vet Ultrasonography

What will an ultrasound show on a cat?

Ultrasound uses sound waves to be able to see inside organs and to evaluate their size, shape, and texture. The texture and measurement of organs can help diagnose diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease

Do dogs get sedated for ultrasound?

Anesthesia is not usually needed for most ultrasound examinations, unless biopsies are to be taken. The technique is totally painless and most dogs will lie comfortably while the scan is being performed. Occasionally, if the dog is very frightened or fractious, a sedative may be necessary.

How are ultrasounds done on dogs?

A dog ultrasound procedure usually proceeds as follows: A dog ultrasound technician gently presses a small probe against the dog's body that emits digital sound waves. The sound waves are directed to various parts of the dog's abdominal area by manually shifting the probe's position.

How Ultrasound is important in Sheeps

A METHOD with which rapidly and accurately to detect pregnancy in sheep during the first half of gestation would be of considerable value to the sheep industry. Early detection of pregnancy would enable the producer to supply adequate food to feed pregnant and barren ewes rationally and control infertility. Although pregnancy can be detected in ewes by radiology and laparotomy, radiology requires expensive equipment and may have adverse effects on the foetus while laparotomy requires surgery. Ultrasound is best solution.

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