ECG - 3 Channel - HB1003B

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Minimum Order Quanity: 01

Delivery Time :48 Hours

Delivery Cost: Free within Pakistan

Contact  : +923214447817

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  • 12 lead ECG synchronous sampling system.
  • Thermal printer with 80mm print paper.
  • 3.8 LCD screen.
  • Two ECG display modes (Single channel, 3 channel).
  • Five ECG record modes (1channel, 1 channel + rhythm lead, 1 channel + Ⅱ channel + V5 channel, 3 channel, 3 channel + rhythm lead).
  • Automatic diagnosis function. ECG waveform can be measured and analyzed automatically.
  • Patient’s information (ID number, Name, Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Blood pressure, etc.) can be input.
  • Built-in SD memory card. Over 2000 patient’s information can be stored.
  • Historical data can be reviewed and printed.
  • Calculate the heart rate automatically.
  • Chinese or English can be chosen.
  • With RS232/USB communication interface.
  • Can upload real-time ECG data and history ECG data by connecting with ECG workstation. 12 lead synchronous printing can be realized.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery 11.1V (3800mAh) with automatic protection function. ECG machine can work continuously for 10 hours and print over 1000 reports.
  • With screen saver function when no work for a long time.
  • level printing thick can be chosen.
  • Adapt to 110-230V, 50/60Hz AC power supply.

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