Emperor N2 - Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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Emperor N2 - Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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N2 Full digital ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus Detail Imaging technology Provided with the patented technology of

  • Speckle Noise Suppression,
  • Enhanced Image Resolution and Reduced Artifacts
  • THI tissue harmonic imaging
  • TSI tissue-specificity imaging
  • eSCI space composite imaging
  • eFCI frequency composite imaging
  • People-centered design
  • 12-inch ultra-thin display
  • 6.5kg, easy to carry
  • People-centered probe slots and coupler placement cups
  • One-key probe switching technology
  • One-key function: one-key image optimization, one-key image storage, one-key generation report
  • Multi-function image storage function: DICOM3.0, USB2.0, optional internal hard drive,
  • optional battery Clinical
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