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Used Ultrasound Machine Price in Pakistan  : Click Here

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Condition:Just like brand new

Price: CAll

Delivery Time :48 Hours

Delivery Cost: On Charges

Contact  : +233214447817

The EUB-7500HV supports the full range of transducers for mainstream applications, and in addition, enables access to premium features, including Hitachi Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE), Hitachi Real-time Virtual Sonography (HI RVS) and sophisticated cardiac tissue-tracking modalities.

The EUB-7500 HV provides a wealth of diagnostic information, through superior image- processing. Its unrivaled flexibility accommodates multi-specialty applications such as radiology, obstetrics/gynecology, internal medicine, cardiovascular and endoscopic ultrasound (EUS).

This unit is available at SONOTECH with

  • 19 inch LCD
  • 3 probes
  • PW/CW
  • TDI

and all other basic functions of Color & Power Doppler.

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