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Minimum Order Quanity: 01

Delivery Time :48 Hours

Delivery Cost: Free within Pakistan

Contact  : +923214447817

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Because Zoncare always continue to investing hugely in R&D. There are a lot of breakthough in our latest smart iMAC series ECG. In 2016, ZONCARE launched the high-end 3-Ch ECG Machine IMAC300. Very Fast, Accurate and Smart.


Excellent Performance

Digital sampling rate:32000Hz

AD Converter:24bits

1s baseline stability

Frequency response:0.01-350Hz

Support double-pole pacemaker detection

Original iFiter adaptive fitering technology has greatly improved the ECG signal quality

Innovative Ergonomic Design

The lightest 3-ch ECG,only 1.2kg

5.6"high resolution LED screen

Three-pronged ECG leads,effectively reduce winding

Powerful Network Features

Support Peripherals:USB;SD card;Scanner;Laser printer(Directly without PC);Card Reader


Support: WIFI, FTP, HTTP, Email

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